Unlock the value of your customers.

Clique Benefits

A Dynamic Rewards Engine

The heart of the Clique platform is a dynamic rewards engine that offers multiple rewards currency options. Whether it’s a point based or a CashBack currency – or both, Clique can provide you with a flexible solution.

This distinction sits at the heart of what makes Clique unique.


CashBack rewards provide a compelling reason for customers to come back and buy more – because there is always something waiting in their rewards purse for them to spend.

  • CashBack Rewards speak to the heart of what today’s customer is looking for in return for their loyalty & patronage:
    • Real Value
    • Transparency
    • Convenience
    • Trust

  • CashBack Rewards are simple and easy to earn and burn with no confusing conversions

  • Customers instantly accrue value that can be used for future purchases – a powerful tool to get them back into your businesses time and time again.


A points based program provides the ability to configure rewards creatively into any currency depending on the brand. – e.g. beans, bucks, dough or miles.

Cost Effective Flexibility
Plug in and Play
Real-time data via the Internet
Readily White labeled
Tailor-made loyalty solutions
Global Footprint
Multi-Currency - Global Brand Building
Open or Closed loop programs