CSB Engage

CSB Engage is a supplier of dynamic tools & technology solutions that drive customer engagement

About CSB Engage

Knowing and understanding your customer is at the heart of what we do. We’ve developed a state-of-the-art rewards and CRM platform that creates positive one-on-one experiences with your customers, and keeps them spending more, more often.

We’re about increasing the lifetime value of your customer, not just keeping a customer for life.

The average consumer is now a member of 16 loyalty programs and is only active in half of those (Source: Colloquy 2011 loyalty survey). So, it’s fair to say that half of all loyalty marketing probably isn't working. There are too many programs that have confusing value propositions or offer very little differentiation.

In addition, with the emergence of social and mobile channels, consumers are interacting with brands in new ways and very few loyalty programmes are keeping up with this trend.

To cater for this new demand, CSB Engage has developed a suite of proprietary products that provide retailers and brands a multi-channel engagement solution including:

Retail stores

Online via the web


Social media

The CSB Engage multi-channel engagement solution provides retailers and brands with the ability to reward valued customers for both their transactional support and for their advocacy in the places they like to play.

It is easy to deploy and use, allows you to capture and manage customer data and develop dynamic strategies to drive heightened levels of customer engagement.

It can stand alone, independent of any one type of POS, or it can link seamlessly into any third-party POS equipment. This flexibility means greatly reduced implementation costs, as existing POS equipment and systems do not need replacing. And because it is a plug-in-and-play solution, it can be out there in the market in no time.

Our state of the art technology provides direct access to live accurate data, delivering customer insights so merchants can identify trends and react swiftly to changing business conditions.

Our technology can be implemented in 3 flexible ways